Are nurses really threatening to kill patients?

Are nurses really threatening to kill patients?

Zack Hutchins, communications director for The Business Council of New York at, apparently thinks so.

Yesterday, in a response to a tweet posted by @NursesTakeDC, Hutchins wrote:

“@nursestakedc We would suggest you go back and read your own tweet. It was explicit in the threat that nurses would kill our loved ones.”

So what did #NursesTakeDC tweet that was so inflamed Zack Hutchins?

In response to The Business Council’s support of New York’s Coalition for Safe and Affordable Care, @NursesTakeDC tweeted:

 @businessNYS @GNYHA Shame on you for this. More patients will die. Your loved ones. Nurses know. …”

Hutchins responded by tweeting, “ thank you for threatening our loved ones with death. Nice touch. A sensible, reasoned argument,” and this:

“Apparently threatening loved ones with death is now a proper lobbying tactic.”

And finally, there was that tweet in which Hutchins suggested nurses are threatening to kill patients.

Is this the message the Business Council of New York truly wants to send to patients and nurses all over the country?

#NursesTakeDC is a national movement of nurses who support mandated nurse-to-patient ratios. Word about The Business Council of New York’s disrespectful, fear-mongering tweets is spreading quickly on social media.

The Business Council of New York owes us a public apology.

Melissa Brown RN
Pensacola, Florida

@GuerrillaNurse on Twitter