Post 233….

……also known as the GuerrillaNurse’s rant against Cox Communications. I made my point with Cox, so I deleted the text of this post. Enjoy the comments below, and feel free to add your own!




2 thoughts on “Post 233….

  1. I cut off my $200/month cable when one day I tried to buy Showtime and it took 3 hours and it never got done. Next day, I gathered up all the stuff and brought it back to them with a smile. Since that time I have had increasingly beneficial notices from them to “re-establish” with them. Nope, I’m going the way of the Millennials, no cable and I buy Hulu and stream with a carrier other than cable. I have Amazon and guess what, I can buy Showtime and HBO through ROKU! HAHAHAHAHAHA Kill cable, use streaming TV.


    1. We only get very basic TV with Cox so we can watch local and national news. Otherwise, we’re Amazon, Netflix and Roku all the way! My husband suggested we cut off the TV service completely and keep the internet service for now, but I know he would miss his news shows. We tried Sling TV, but it is too unreliable. I’ll be glad when we can cut the cord to Cox, that’s for sure! Definitely checking out the alternatives.

      Thanks so much for your response, Sheila. 🙂


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