GuerrillaNurse is Morphing!


Melissa Brown, RN

When I first published my GuerrillaNurse website on August 1, 2015, my intent was to bring attention to the manner in which nurses are treated locally with regard to safety and security. I wanted to tell the truth about my prior employer as I experienced it. That was the extent of my plan.

What I didn’t expect was the reception GuerrillaNurse would receive. I didn’t expect to receive hits and support from nurses and others all over the USA, Canada and even the UK. For about two months I had no clue what I was going to do with my site. I felt compelled to build on the site’s foundation, but I couldn’t articulate a goal. I couldn’t conceive of what it was I wanted to accomplish.

In October, I started a Facebook community page affiliated with the page, GuerrillaNurse. Based on personal experience starting FB groups such as Just One Nurse , I expected to have about 25 nurses join the group within six months (if I was lucky.) One month later, we have 165 members on our community page. Not a lot, but not too shabby, either. And many more than I expected!

Then, on November 6, 2015, we had some success sharing an article written by a The New England RN, a nurse who prefers to remain anonymous. James Ledbetter, the author of the original story to which The New England RN responded in her article, responded to us via Twitter. We were heard!

The gauntlet had been thrown at my feet. What now? What was next for GuerrillaNurse?

I plan for GuerrillaNurse to become the go-to place on the ‘net for nurses who want to publish their own stories, opinions, poems, articles and more. This site is no longer for or about only me — it’s for and about all nurses, everywhere.

If you have a story to tell, allow me to be your conduit, your muse. Put your story down in writing, and email the rough draft to me here:

Together, our truths will be told.

Melissa Brown RN
Pensacola, Florida


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