Musings…..October 11, 2015

I’m sure nurses wonder how I came up with the name of this page.

A little of the backstory: Back when I was on probation in my last long term nursing position (first time I’d been on probation or anything of the like in then 35 years of nursing), I knew I had a target on my back. Termination was inevitable, and I knew it.

While I was still working and searching for documentation to support myself, including multiple emails I had written to management over the course of my employment, I mumbled to myself, “I feel like a #^&@-ing guerrilla nurse or something.”

The phrase stuck in my head.

I felt so alone. An outsider. A warrior with no army. A lone fighter against one of the largest corporations in my city.

After Alene Nitzky encouraged me to write for her website,, I decided to call myself the Guerrilla Nurse. My original intention was not to use my own name, but my conscience and emotional intelligence intervened. I quickly realized my words would be meaningless if they were anonymous.

Hence, GuerillaNurse was born. Under my real name.


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